Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Export and Import of China’s Pesticide Increase in July 2011

CCM has released the latest issue of Crop Protection China News, showing that both volume and value of pesticide export and import in China witness increase in July 2011.

China's pesticide output in July 2011 reached 214,530 tonnes, up 9.5% year on year, according to statistics from China National Bureau of Statistics (CNBS). And the volume and value of export and import all witness increase respectively in July 2011.

In July 2011, China totally exported pesticide of 75,000 tonnes, up 50.9% year on year. The export value in this period reached USD220 million, up 58.5% year on year. Among those exported pesticides in July 2011, the volume of herbicides was the largest, reaching 43,100 tonnes, up 66.8% year on year and accounting for 58% of the total export volume.

In terms of import, China's pesticide import volume in July 2011 also witnessed increase, reaching 4,043 tonnes, up 24.06% year on year. The import volume of fungicide was the largest in the total import volume, reaching 1,888 tonnes. Import volume of herbicides and insecticides reached 1,647 tonnes and 508 tonnes respectively.

-Both volume and value of pesticide's export and import in China witness increase in July 2011.
-The gradual recovery of domestic pesticide market in H1 2011 has provided a good condition for the sales growth of foreign enterprises.
-Hubei Province starts harmless disposal of discarded pesticide in July 2011.
-The circulation of expired pesticide in China may be controlled after the implementation of new policy: Regulations on Pesticide Management
-Lianhe Chemical claims to acquire 80.70% equity of Tianyu Chemical aiming for its flurorine chemical production base on 31 Aug. 2011.
-Qianjiang Biochemical announces that it suffers great losses in the power failure accident of local electrical substation occurred on 31 Aug. 2011.
-Shandong Dacheng announces on 3 Sept. 2011 that its reorganization with Shandong Hualian has finally been approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.
-According to ICAMA, from April to June 2011, 249 agricultural pesticide registrations were approved,
-In August 2011, Aoweite Pesticide has got 1% 1-methylcyclopropene SL registered.
(Guangzhou China, September 19, 2011)

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