Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Potential Acephate Market in China

CCM has launched the latest report of Acephate Survey in China, indicating the potential acephate market in China.

The report provides you a comprehensive understanding to China’s acephate market in the past three years. The intelligence data is presented by various indexes, such as supply (output, capacity, producers, location distribution), demand (demand volume, demand structure by crops/targets), price, technology, and future market trend in the coming five years.

As the second largest organophosphorus insecticides, acephate mainly applied to control pests with chewing mouthparts and piercing-sucking developed by Chevron Co., Ltd. in 1971. The sales of acephate reached USD195 million in 2007. In the past 3 years, the acephate industry experienced fast growth in China. Compared with that in 2006, its capacity in 2011 has increased over 90%. In 2009-2011, capacity and output of acephate increased continuously.

As of Aug. 2011, China’s acephate technical capacity has reached 30,900t/a, which is basically able to satisfy the total demand in the world. The output of acephate technical is 12,300 tonnes in 2010 with the operating rate of 39.8%, compared with 50.23% in the previous year.

It can be seen that there is huge potential in China’s acephate market.

The following aspects are covered in this report:
-Production of acephate technical in China and key manufacturers
-Demand by crops & cities in China
-Price and material analysis
-Production technology
-Industry risks

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