Thursday, September 22, 2011

Demand of China’s Taurine to Increase in the Future

CCM has launched the latest report on taurine, entitled Production and Market of Taurine in China, which reveals that China’s taurine market is promising in the future.

The report provides primary data and analysis of taurine industry in China in terms of production situation, price, consumption pattern and application field. Based on comprehensive investigation, CCM International forecasts the demand, output and technology development of the industry from 2011 to 2015.

As a nutrition enhancer accepted worldwide, taurine is applied extensively in foods, dairy products, beverages, forage, etc., especially in regions like the US, Europe and Japan. The application of taurine in China is still at an initial stage, mostly in pharmaceuticals, beverages and foods. Driven by the increasing demand, the taurine industry in China has kept developing fast in recent years.

The output of China’s taurine takes almost 90% of the global total. During 2008-2010, China's capacity of taurine increased from 45,500t/a to 86,000t/a with a CAGR of 38%, indicating a prosperous development of taurine industy.

In the future, with the improvement in people's health care consciousness, the demand for taurine will increase accordingly. China will become the most promising untapped market for taurine. During 2011-2015, the country's demand for taurine will increase with an expected annual growth rate of 15%-20%.

The following aspects are covered in this report:
- Production information (manufacturers, capacity, output, technology and price) about China's taurine industry;
- Current consumption and export situation of taurine in China;
- Main drivers and barriers for the development of China's taurine industry;
- Future development trend of China's taurine industry.
 (Guangzhou China, September 20, 2011)

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