Friday, September 9, 2011

Increasing Market Potential of Azoxystrobin in China

Azoxystrobin, a category of broad-spectrum, high-efficient and low-toxic fungicide, has witnessed fast development since its patent expired in China. It is expected that both the output and domestic demand of azoxystrobin will continue to see stable growth in the next five years, according to CCM’s newly-released report Production and Market of Azoxystrobin in China.

With the capacity expansion and the launch of many new production lines in recent years, the total capacity of azoxystrobin technical in China has hit 1,430t/a as of Aug. 2011. According to CCM International's survey, domestic consumption of azoxystrobin increased by 28.2% in 2010 over the previous year. Total market value of azoxystrobin has reached USD10.9 million in 2010 for the sake of the relatively high price of azoxystrobin.

The increasing market potential of azoxystrobin drives the whole industry to grow fast in the future. It can be predicted that the azoxystrobin industry will boost the development of the whole fungicide industry and promote the upgrading of fungicide products in China.

The following aspects are covered in this report:
-Supply of azoxystrobin (capacity, output, key manufacturers), consumption by volume & value and region in China, 2008-2010
-Production technology of azoxystrobin
-Price of azoxystrobin technical and formulations 2007-Aug.2011, export in 2010
-Forecast on Chinese azoxystrobin supply, demand, export and technical price, 2011-2015
-Key factors influencing the development of azoxystrobin in China
-Commercial opportunities
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