Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DuPont Fighting against Counterfeit in China Pesticide Industry

After more than one year’s efforts on cracking down fake products of Kangkuan, DuPont China has achieved some success. However, faced with numberless infringers, the road of DuPont's rights safeguard in China is destined to be difficult, according to CCM’s latest issue of Crop Protection China News.

DuPont’s Kangkuan is considered to be one of the most outstanding insecticides in the world. However, its high price and great profit have provided the hotbed for the production and sale of fake products of Kangkuan in China. Many domestic pesticide players illegally produce and sell fake products of Kangkuan, causing a lot of trouble to domestic pesticide market and agriculture.

Actually, DuPont is not the only international pesticide enterprise who has suffered the pain of products being imitated in China. Regent (commercial name of fipronil) and Envidor (commercial name of spirodiclofen), insecticides developed by Bayer (a famous chemical and pharmaceutical company in the world), and azoxystrobin, a fungicide product developed by Syngenta, are all infringed during their patent protection period in China.

DuPont's great effort and investment in the fighting against counterfeiting actions in recent years has set up a good example for domestic pesticide enterprises. DuPont not only states its viewpoint on detesting infringement, but also pushes Chinese government and domestic pesticide players to realize the importance of pesticide innovation. However, more efficient pesticide innovation in China may still need years to go.

-After more than one year’s efforts on cracking down fake product of Kangkuan, DuPont China has achieved some success. However, the road of DuPont's rights safeguard in China is still tough.
-Shenghua Biok gains USD1.13 million interest from entrusted loan, accounting for nearly 10% of its net profit in H1 2011.
-Since July 2011, Southwest and Northwest China have successively suffered a severe drought.
-ABA Chemicals announces that it is to launch IPO on Aug. 29, 2011 on GEM at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
-The production in Nantong Jiangshan's production base was suspended due to the destruction of power supply device caused by thunderstorms and tornadoes on Aug. 17, 2011.
-Two main subsidiaries of Jiangsu Yangnonog are caught due to environmental problems recently and may be forced to suspend production and relocate in the future.
-According to NATESC, China will suffer great pests and diseases outbreak in most crop planting areas in South and North China in Sept. and Oct. 2011.
-Pesticide export continued to increase in Q2 2011.
-In 2011, Nanjing Jiukang began to sell its new product botanical insecticide azadirachtin on the Internet.
 (Guangzhou China, September 5, 2011)

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