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China's Modified Starch Output Posts 17.4% Growth in 2010

According to China Starch Industry Association (CSIA), China's total output of modified starch reached about 1.24 million tonnes in 2010, realizing a 17.4% year-on-year growth thanks to brisk demand. At present, modified starch industry in China situates in a growing stage; it's believed that there's still plenty of room for its further development, according to CCM’s September issue of Corn Products China News.

According to CCM's report Future of Modified Starch in Asia Pacific published in Dec. 2010, China's total capacity of modified starch reached 1.68 million t/a in 2010. Over 30 producers own capacity of over 10,000t/a; among them, only two have the capacity beyond 100,000t/a: Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co., Ltd. (Zhucheng Xingmao) and Guangxi Mingyang Bio-chem Technology Co., Ltd. (Guangxi Mingyang). It's believed that paper industry and food industry are still the top two largest downstream markets of modified starch in China in 2010 and 2011, so the specifiations of modified starch applicable to be used in both industries are more popular in China than other kinds.

In fact, modified starch industry in China is still not fully developed yet, with a promising future laying ahead. According to CSIA, the per-capita consumption volume of modified starch in China was only 1 kg in 2010, while it averaged out at 1.2 kg all over the world, and that of the US reached 10 kg. Thus, the industry in China has great room for development.

In H1 2011, it's believed that the indsutry also performed well. According to Global Bio-chem Technology Group Company Limited (Global Bio-chem), one of the leading modified starch producers in China with capacity of 80,000t/a in 2011, its sales volume and gross profit of modified starch increased by 23% and 117% in H1 2011 over H1 2010. The increase in sales volume, as explained by the company, is the flourishing market of paper industry.

Besides, a national standard for modified food starch will be published in the future, which can promote the further fast development of modified food starch industry. This first specific national standard for modified food starch can regulate the production and guarantee the product quality. In March 2011, the draft of the standard was approval by a group of experts from Standardization Administration of China, CSIA, some leading producers and so on. Players in the industry are looking forward to the publication and taking effect.

For the further development of domestic modified starch industry, producers should pay much attention to develop proper varieties and expand product mix so as to enter a new market and cater to specific demand from customers. Large and strong global modified starch players have many advantages in the market competition for they are superior in R&D and technology innovation. It's believed that given domestic producers' strengthening of R&D capability, modified starch industry in China can develop better and faster in the future.

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