Thursday, September 22, 2011

CCM’s Mancozeb Webinar Coming Soon

A free webinar, entitled Survey of Mancozeb in China, is going to be held by CCM at 16:30 (GMT+8, Beijing Time), Oct. 27, 2011. CCM has rich experience in mancozeb market research and has published a professional mancozeb market report this August.

The webinar will mainly discuss China’s mancozeb market from aspects of key raw material, registration situation, production, demand, export and future forecast etc.

Mancozeb, which is the largest fungicides produced and consumed in China, enjoys fast development in recent years and has more applications on fruits and vegetables. With wide spectrum effects against diseases include leaf spot, anthracnose and potato blight etc., mancozeb becomes more and more popular in China. It is estimated that mancozeb will have a bright future in next few years.

What opportunities lie ahead in domestic mancozeb industry? What’s the current registration situation of mancozeb? Is there any breakthrough in the production technologies? What are the demands and the export situation in China market now?

Sara Tan, CCM’s professional mancozeb consultant, will share her ideas about the above questions during the webinar. Do not hesitate to join us to obtain the latest information and learn the expertise idea of mancozeb.

The webinar will be held at 16:30pm, Oct. 27, 2011. Please register from here:

For more information about CCM’s upcoming mancozeb webinar, please feel free to contact us at

Outline of CCM’s upcoming mancozeb webinar:
l           Introduction
l           Position of mancozeb in Chinese fungicide industry
l           Key raw material of mancozeb
l           Registration situation of mancozeb in China
l           Summary of mancozeb technical production, 2008-2010
l           Demand summary (volume and value), 2006-2010
l           Export of mancozeb, 2008-2010
l           Market forecast
(Guangzhou, China, September 20, 2011)

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