Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aspartame Production Lines Launched by Mengzhou Huaxing

Mengzhou Huaxing Co., Ltd. (Mengzhou Huaxing), a joint-stock enterprise engaged in the processing of grain, is putting its aspartame production lines into trial production, according to CCM’s Sweeteners China News.

Mengzhou Huaxing began to construct the aspartame production lines with capacity of 6,000t/a and investment of about USD54 million at the end of February 2010,which has completed the construction at the end of June 2011. Mengzhou Huaxing may become the largest aspartame producer in China after it launches the production lines in H2 2011. The company is very optimistic about the prospect of aspartame and it expects to gain annual revenue of about USD107 million from the aspartame production lines in the future.

From 2006 to 2010, domestic capacity of aspartame had increased from 10,250t/a to 14,545t/a. As the most popular HIS variety in the world, the demand for aspartame is increasing year by year, thus stimulating domestic aspartame production. About 40% of aspartame is consumed in sugar-free candies and gum candies, while 35% in beverages in the world. The US is the biggest country of aspartame production and consumption in the world.

Moreover, production of aspartame in China seems to be more concentrated in some big producers such as Jiangsu SinoSweet Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant Co., Ltd., etc. Some small ones have been gradually washed out of the market in recent years caused by the insufficient supply of raw material and global financial crisis.

Based on the above facts, it can be predicted that the competitiveness among domestic aspartame producers may become more intense with Mengzhou Huaxing launching its aspartame production lines in the future.

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