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Production and Market of Turpentine in China

CCM’s recently-issued report, Production and Market of Turpentine in China, which focuses on the current and potential market of two kinds of turpentine, namely gum turpentine (GT) and crude sulphate turpentine (CST), which are by-products of gum rosin and wood pulp respectively. Highlights of the report include: production situation of turpentine in the past few years in China (the latest data was updated as of H1 2013); analysis of export & import data of China’s turpentine during 2009–H1 of 2013; consumption pattern of turpentine in China during 2005–2012; forecast of China’s turpentine from 2013 to 2017, in which the estimated data related to the output volume, export volume, and consumption volume of China’s turpentine are provided.

It is known that China has abundant pine resources, which has supported China to be the largest producer of gum turpentine in the world—with the contribution rate of about 45%. Nowadays, China’s gum turpentine is mainly used to produce terpene resin, synthetic camphor, terpineol, etc.

Generally speaking, China’s gum turpentine production is greatly influenced by the production of gum rosin. Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces are the top five gum turpentine production regions in China during 20042012, and the total output of gum turpentine contributed by these five regions accounted for over 85% of the total output nationwide. According to CCM’s monitoring, the output of gum turpentine has changed in a big margin in recent five years. It dropped sharply in 2008 as affected by the snow storm in South China and global financial crisis. Influenced by the strong downstream demand, the output of China’s gum turpentine witnessed an increase in 2011. However, in 2012 and the first half of 2013, the output of China’s gum turpentine kept decreasing due to the reduction in the output of gum rosin.

With respect to the export situation, the main export destinations of China’s gum turpentine include Japan, Mexico, France, India, etc. China’s gum turpentine export volume remained high before 2007. But along with the cancellation of the export rebate rate for gum turpentine in April 2007 and rapid development of production of domestic gum turpentine derivatives, the export volume of gum turpentine dropped sharply in 2008 and 2009. In 2011, the export volume increased a lot, thanks to the recovery of world economy. However, it was small in 2012 because of the weak demand from overseas markets and fierce competition from counterparts in Indonesia.  

The report also attaches importance to China’s gum turpentine price, which changed periodically as resulted from the seasonal price changes of oleoresin. During 2007–2010, the price of China’s gum turpentine has kept increasing and reached the peak in 2010. After 2011, the price began to decline drastically and hit the bottom in Aug. 2012 due to large stock and weak demand, but then it rebounded somehow.

As to crude sulphate turpentine (CST), only five active paper mills have recycled this material in 2012, and its output has kept decreasing in the past few years due to wood pulp production with fast-growing trees and pulp production with waste paper. In 2012, the output of CST was only 300 tonnes in China. At present, China’s crude sulphate turpentine is mainly used in fuel, paints & coating, solvent, and in the production of derivatives. In the report, CCM will give a complete introduction to CST, including its price, import and export situation, consumption, application, derivatives, as well as outlook of CST in the next ten years, and comparison of the turpentine availability between GT and CST, etc.

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