Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Introduction to CCM’s Latest Service Package: Online Agro Database

Agro Database is a new online standard data service package specially designed for our clients. In order to help our clients learn more about the database, we are going to hold a webinar on 30th October 2013. Audiences can take this chance to experience the comprehensive content of the database and its user-friendly features, like real-time, accuracy and intelligent.

Based on the whole agrochemicals industry chain, from raw material, to intermediate, technical, formulation and planting, CCM’s Agro Database covers the most comprehensive intelligence on the agro-related products, including pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural products. In the webinar, we will share various data and information covering herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, organic fertilizers, semi-organic fertilizers, non-organic fertilizers, etc.

Schedule of the webinar:
Date: 30th October, 2013
Beijing Time: (GMT +8) 17:00
Organizer: CCM

Topics of the webinar are as follows:
1.     What is CCM’s Agro Database?
2.     What intelligences does the database feature?
3.     Why do you need Agro Database?
5.     Demonstration of the database
6.     How to subscribe?
Registration of the webinar is available now and it is free of charge. For more information, please visit http://www.cnchemicals.com/Event/Event.html.

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