Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Find Hot News in Seed China News 1309

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Seed China News:
Pod pepper seed market sluggish in southern China
The pod pepper seed market at present is sluggish in southern China, mainly owing to the decrease in pod pepper acreage and the low seed price caused by the deluge of similar varieties.
Status quo of corn planting and corn seed industry in Shanxi
Corn has become the largest crop by acreage in Shanxi and Xianyu335 has become the dominant variety whose acreage in the province has kept increasing since 2008. However, the limitations of breeding system and the intense competition together give rise to the flood of highly imitative and counterfeit seeds into the local market and a decline of Shanxi's status in the domestic seed market over the past ten years.
Wheat variety Huaimai33 bid at highest price among all wheat variety transactions in China
Jiangsu Mingtian won a bid for Huaimai33, a new wheat variety bred by Huai'an Institute of Agricultural Science, at the price of USD1.67 million, the highest among all wheat variety transactions in China.
Guangxi: rice acreage shrinks and competition rises among seed suppliers
Guangxi has seen an overall decline in rice acreage in the past few years and the competition is becoming intense among rice seed suppliers.
TYLCV-resistant tomato: resistance declines under abnormal climates in early autumn
TYLCV (tomato yellow leaf curl virus)-resistant tomato varieties in China widely show a resistance decline to TYLCV this year, mainly due to the continuing droughts with high temperatures above 35 at the beginning of autumn this year.
Dairy enterprises tend to engage in alfalfa planting
Domestic dairy enterprises tend to build their own alfalfa planting bases to guarantee the sufficient supply of forage grass and achieve the whole industry chain operation.
Position of Jiangsu Dahua rising in seed industry
Jiangsu Dahua Seed Group Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Dahua), a prominent open-pollinated seed supplier, was recently listed as one of the top ten seed enterprises in China.
China's soybean import in Aug. 2013 sees 44.1% YoY growth
China's import volume of soybean reached 6.37 million tonnes in Aug. 2013, up 44.1% year on year.
Hybrid corn variety Liangyu99 witnesses rapid growth in Northeast China
Liangyu99, an excellent hybrid corn variety promoted by Denghai Liangyu, has seen a rapid growth in Northeast China's corn growing regions, mainly relying on its outstanding traits covering lodging resistance, leaf spot resistance and high yield.
Henan Qiule begins sales of improved variety of Zhengdan958
Henan Qiule is going to strengthen the production and marketing of P-type Zhengdan958, an improved breed of the leading corn variety Zhengdan958.

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