Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Find Hot News in Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1310

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report:
International trade of phosphate chemicals in Aug. 2013
Export prices of nearly all main phosphorus chemicals witnessed a slump in August. Exports of phosphate fertilizer in particular experienced continuous rise in volume and decline in price during China's export window.
Market review of prime phosphate chemicals in Sept. 2013
In Sept., the Chinese phosphorus industry was still troubled by oversupply, caused by sluggish domestic demand and weak exports. However, supply and demand for yellow phosphorus were again balanced due to strong and ongoing demand from the domestic pesticide industry.
Price monitoring of some phosphate chemicals in Sept. 2013
The domestic price of phosphorus ore decreased sharply in Sept., as phosphate fertilizer manufacturers started to halt production and conduct equipment overhauling in the coming long off-season after autumn. The price of yellow phosphorus, on the other hand, rose further, driven by a continuous and relatively strong demand from the pesticides industry, which helped to boost the prices of phosphoric acid and other downstream fine phosphorus chemicals.
Global phosphate fertilizer market to maintain steady in the rest of 2013
Global export prices of MAP and DAP have generally declined in Sept., due to a global oversupply of phosphate fertilizers. Some manufacturers adopted production control strategies to cope with the situation. The outlook may improve slightly after the closing of China's window for fertilizer exports, on Oct.15.
Yuntianhua's profits and revenue down in H1 2013
Yuntianhua gross profits are down for most of its main products, with a decline in both prices and sales volume. The profits of trade & logistic also dropped significantly, due to rising transportation costs.
Ten organophosphorus pesticides to be banned, effective Nov. 2013
Ten different phosphorus-containing pesticides will be banned starting in Oct. 31, 2013. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China (MOA) as far back as June 15, 2011. The new policy's effect on the demand for yellow phosphorus is hard to predict, as it will depend on many aspects, especially on whether the ban will be strictly enforced come Nov.
Yuntianhua launches another reorganisation to peel off its glass fibre assets
On Sept. 25, Yuntianhua announced another reorganisation plan to sell all of its glass fibre assets to its substantial shareholder——Yuntianhua Group in order to improve its profitability and variety of products. The deal will be transacted in the form of share-based payments.
Gansu Jingtianfu launches a phosphogypsum comprehensive ultilization program
Gansu Jingtianfu Technology Development Co.,Ltd. recently launched a phosphogypsum comprehensive ultilization program, which aims to recycle the solid waste of phosphogypsum coming from Gansu Wengfu Chemical Co., Ltd. to produce drought resisting stone and light insulating brick.
Kunming Niumi to launch a microporous membrane program
Kunming Niumi New Material Technical Co., Ltd. is to build a new program—"Microporous Membrane for High-performance Lithium Battery" (the Program) at Qi'lin area of An'ning Industrial Park, An'ning City, Yunnan Province.
Xingfa Group and Wengfu Group set up new phosphorus R&D centers
Xingfa Group and Wengfu Group have both set up new R&D centers, aiming to push the frontier of China's phosphorus industry technology further by developing new technologies and solutions to common problems and to promote the comprehensive utilisation of phosphorus resources.

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