Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Find Hot News in Dairy Products China News 1310

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Dairy Products China News:
Treasure of Plateau Launches Yak Milk Infant Formula
In late August, Treasure of Plateau launches a yak milk infant formula, targeting the super premium segment.
Yinqiao Biotech Launches New Fresh Milk
In early September, Yinqiao Biotech launches a new fresh milk at a new product conference in Xi'an.
Modern Dairy Performs Well in 2013
On 27 August Modern Dairy releases its financial report for 2013, demonstrating its continued strong performance.
Tianyou Dairy Targets Infant Formula
On 4 September, Tianyou Dairy reveals its entry into the infant formula market via its subsidiary Yellow River Dairy.
Shengmu Farming Plans for Organic Growth
Shengmu Farming plans to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, aiming to raise funds for its business expansion.
Huishan Dairy IPO and Listing
Huishan Dairy lists on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to expand its resources.
Beijing Sanyuan to Expand Formula Business
On 27 September, Beijing Sanyuan announces that it will build a 50,000 t/yr infant formula plant in Beijing.
Government Further Promotes Infant Formula Consolidation
On 28 September, 6 domestic infant formula processors showcase new premium products at a conference in Beijing, an event reflecting the government's aim of accelerating infant formula market consolidation.
Hebei Promotes Milk Powder/Formula Industry Development
On 22 September, the Hebei government launches "Suggestion on Accelerated Development of the Milk Powder Industry", a policy designed to promote development of the local milk powder and formula sector.
Dumex Caught in Bribery Scandal
In September, Dumex gets caught up in a bribery scandal after China Central Television reports that it bribed medical staff to boost sales of its infant formula at hospitals in northern China. Dumex Caught in Bribery Scandal
Dairy Product Safety on the Agenda
The 19th annual meeting of the China Dairy Industry Association in September brings familiar themes such as food safety to the fore.
Key Processors' Performance in H1
Recent half-year reports from several key Chinese dairy processors show mixed performances in the latest trading period.

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