Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Find Hot News in Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1310

Following are headline news of the Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report:
Abnormal weather and upgrading of existing waterproofing construction generate bright prospects for domestic waterproofing coatings producers
The abnormal and frequent floods in China this year and the upgrading of existing outdated constructions are generating opportunities for waterproofing materials producers. Oriental Yuhong, a major producer of waterproof materials and products, is predicted to exceed expectations regarding its performance in Q1-Q3 2013. Oriental Yuhong's performance reflects the bright prospects of the waterproof materials industry. Thus, the domestic demand for TiO2, which is used to manufacture waterproof materials, will correspondingly increase.
Changzheng Electric to enter into the upstream TiO2 industry through asset replacement
Changzheng Electric will enter into the TiO2 industry by replacing its non-performing wind power assets with ilmenite & zircon assets. This asset replacement is predicted to significantly improve its profitability.
Domestic TiO2 price slightly increased from mid-Sept. to mid-Oct. as downstream demand turned warmer
The recovery of the downstream demand in the third quarter led Sichuan Lomon to raise the price of its flagship product. This caused the other TiO2 related companies to follow Sichuan Lomon by increasing their prices for their own products. Sichuan Lomon's price increase also contributed to the relatively higher price of rutile TiO2 in Southwest China in Oct.
Letong Chemical announces the withdrawal of its application to raise capital for a 30,000t/a ink project
Letong Chemical recently announced that it is withdrawing its application to raise capital for a 30,000t/a ink production facility construction project. However, it will keep the construction of the project running while finding other ways to raise capital if necessary.
Total titanium feedstock supply volume increased by 17.81% in Aug.
The titanium feedstock supply in China dramatically increased by 17.81% MoM, indicating the optimistic prospects for TiO2 in the near future. Notably, despite the increasing supply in China, the volume of titanium feedstock imports fell by 8.40% MoM and 16.55% YoY.
Import volume declined by 9.42% while export volume kept growing in Aug.
TiO2 imports moderated its growth momentum while the export volume showed signs of recovery. It is predicted that the TiO2 export volume in 2013 may exceed that in 2012. The average import prices generally witnessed slight increases, while the export prices of five tracked domestic exporters continued to decline.
Huntsman's acquisition of Rockwood's TiO2 business likely to make the global TiO2 industry more concentrated among fewer enterprises
The disappointing market conditions in the TiO2 industry has led to increased merger and acquisition activities, and the global TiO2 industry is likely to become more concentrated with fewer players. Huntsman's acquisition of Rockwood's TiO2 business is one example of the consolidation within the industry. However, whether the mergers & acquisitions trend will catch on in China is uncertain, and there are domestic factors which make this unlikely.
Domestic TiO2 price may increase as DuPont and Huntsman lead the fourth wave of price increases in 2013
The consecutive price increase movements implemented by the multinational giants in the international TiO2 market may play a positive role in lifting up the domestic TiO2 price. Both the international and domestic TiO2 prices have remained low due to the sluggish market demand. However, the key factor behind the domestic TiO2 price is the supply and demand situation.

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