Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Find Hot News in Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1310

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Glyphsoate China Monthly Report:
Glyphosate technical price decreases moderately in Oct. 2013
The glyphosate technical ex-works price saw a moderate decrease and four glyphosate formulations ex-works prices witnessed a slight drop in mid-Oct. 2013 MoM.
Anhui Huaxing lodges for arbitration about Atanor's arrear
Anhui Huaxing lodged the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for an arbitration that Atanor must immediately defray Anhui Huaxing's total arrear of about USD4.28 million, and the arbitration has been accepted but hasn't been judged. Besides, Anhui Huaxing lodged the Anhui Province Ma'anshan City Intermediate People's Court for freezing Atanor's 50% share (valuing USD9 million) in Anhui Xingnor, which has been done finally.
Export volume of glyphosate technical decreases slightly in Aug. 2013 MoM
The export volumes and export prices of glyphosate technical, PMIDA and glyphosate formulations all recorded a YoY growth in Aug. 2013. However, the Aug. 2013 export volumes also constituted MoM declines. The export volumes of glyphosate technical and glyphosate formulations decreased by 0.45% and 1.41% MoM respectively in Aug. 2013.
Nantong Jiangshan becomes first clean production demonstration enterprise in organic phosphorus industry
Nantong Jiangshan is on the list of Clean Production Demonstration Enterprise in China's organic phosphorus industry for the first time. It is also the only pesticide company on the list in 2013.
Overview of China's glyphosate industry in Q3 2013
China's glyphosate industry remained prosperous in Q3 2013. The prices and profitability of glyphosate related products were both at their highest levels during Q3 2013. However, the total operating rate and output both were both at their lowest levels for 2013 during Q3 2013, mainly because of the strict environmental protection supervision and monitoring in China during this period.
Ten glyphosate registrations in Sept. 2013
There were ten registrations for glyphosate products made during Sept. 2013. All were renewed registrations. Thus, China has approved 77 registration certificates of glyphosate products from 1 Jan. 2013 to 30 Sept. 2013, among which 41 were renewed registrations.
Seven glyphosate companies make it into the 2012 China Top 20 Pesticide Enterprises
China's seven mainstream glyphosate manufacturers successfully qualified for the 2012 China Top 20 Pesticide Enterprises for the first time. The seven manufacturers have a total pesticide revenue of about USD2.53 billion in 2012, accounting for about 39.90% of the top 20 pesticide enterprises' total pesticide revenue.
Overseas mining business to boost Zhejiang Wynca's 2014 performance
Zhejiang Wynca's holding subsidiary–Akoko Gold Fields–has successfully obtained the mining right of a land covering 28.07 km2 in Ghana. With the promotion of mining, Akoko Gold Fields is expected to achieve good revenue in 2014, which will boost Zhejiang Wynca's operating performance in 2014.

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