Friday, October 25, 2013

Updated Intelligence Covering the Whole Phosphorus Industry Chain

China's phosphorus industry covers phosphorus ore, yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizers, fine phosphate chemicals and many other associated products. To help the industry players keep updated with valuable intelligence throughout the whole phosphorus industry chain, CCM released an online Phosphorus Database, through which clients can acquire the latest development situation of phosphorus related products and the future trends in China’s phosphorus industry, as well as obtaining a general view of the phosphorus industry in China.

What does the database offer?
As of 25th October 2013, CCM’s Phosphorus Database has accumulated a wide range of intelligence as follows:
l  10+editions of annual market reports with in-depth analysis and forecast;
l  30+issues of monthly newsletters with latest intelligence in relation to China’s phosphorus industry;
l  100+entries of monthly export analysis of phosphorus products;
l  200+entries of frequently updated market data like export analysis & production situation, and coverage of producer information & consumption situation;
l  1,500+entries of daily updated phosphorus related products information in Content Chunk

Coverage of the whole phosphorus industry


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