Monday, July 29, 2013

Paraquat maintains an important position in the world’s herbicides market

Paraquat, a non-selective herbicide widely used both in agricultural and nonagricultural landscapes, has been keeping a leading position in the world's herbicides market over the past few years. It is the second largest herbicide (the largest is glyphosate) in terms of consumption volume (calculated by 42% TK).

Since 2007, CCM has been engaged in the market research of the paraquat industry in China. The latest report entitled with Production and Market of Paraquat in China is the fifth edition just issued by our company in July. Based on our five-year research experience in China’s paraquat industry and its upstream sectors, we offer an in-depth analysis on the current situation of China’s paraquat industry and a forecast on its future trend in the report.

Paraquat upstream industry
The situation of the paraquat upstream industry always plays a vital role in the whole value chain. In the report, CCM gives a detailed introduction to pyridine and methyl chloride, which are two major raw materials for paraquat production. This part of the report lists the import volume and price of pyridine in China from 2009 to Q1 2013, and the output of methyl chloride in China during 2008–2012. In addition, the ex-works price of both materials are presented, which feature the data of the pure pyridine in China from 2004 to H1 2013, and the methyl chloride in China during 2008–2012. After the observation and analysis on the supply situation of these raw materials, CCM summaries some impacts of raw materials on the paraquat industry.

Paraquat industry in China
China is a major paraquat export country—with over 80% of its paraquat output exported to counties all over the world. In this part of the report, CCM highlights a complete overlook of China’s paraquat industry, from its development history, to production methods, current production levels, registration, supply situation, circulation, consumption, market share, and more. When it comes to the circulation of paraquat in China, the data related to the price of paraquat and the export of paraquat during 2009–H1 2013 are presented. The consumption situation of paraquat is highlighted too. Through the report, readers can obtain a series of useful information, including the consumption pattern of paraquat TK, summary of paraquat market by volume and value, application of paraquat, and market share of paraquat by regions and crops, etc. Moreover, readers can get a brief profile of over 20 paraquat TK manufacturers in China.

Forecast on paraquat industry in China
CCM not only focuses on the current development of China’s paraquat industry, but also extends the research scope to the forecast of the future trend. Making use of our sound experience and insightful knowledge in the paraquat industry, we address a forecast on the paraquat industry in China by conducting an analysis on government policy, non-liquid formulations, use habits, supply & demand, safety, and other factors influencing the paraquat industry. Readers can also find our qualitative forecast on the future development of China’s paraquat industry in 2013–2017.

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