Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Export Analysis—A customized service fulfilling your needs in trading business

Market intelligence has been proved to be of great importance in today’s trading business, since exporters and importers need to obtain loads of intelligence, such as export price, manufacturers’ information, market dynamics, and more when they are conducting trading business. In order to further fulfill client’s needs, CCM has recently come up with a new service, which is committed to providing clients with a customized export analysis on various products related to the agricultural and chemicals industries.

Since 2001, CCM has been engaged in market research on agricultural and chemicals industries, and has released plenty of market reports and trade analysis data over the past years. Compared with the company’s existing trade analysis on agricultural and chemical products, the export analysis features a package of annual statistic data, instead of monthly online update of the import and export data. Still based on a large amount of export data sourced from China Customs, the export analysis will be presented with not only a series of diagrams to reflect the export situation of the target product, including the quantity and price distribution, the export value, etc., but also a deeper interpretation of the target product’s relevant data to summarize its whole year export situation, and to disclose some insightful findings, such as the reasons for price variation, impacts of certain government policies, as well as a concise analysis on the export destinations and domestic manufacturers, etc. . What’s more, CCM can conduct the export analysis according to client’s needs. With a blend of complete export-related data and CCM’s insightful analysis, the export analysis will be definitely beneficial for your trading business.

Taking paraquat as an example, CCM has recently completed an export analysis on this product, namely Export of Paraquat in China in 2012. According to the report, the paraquat export (paraquat here refers to four kinds of paraquat, namely TK 42% (technical), TK 45% (technical), 200g/L AS (formulation), and 250g/L AS (formulation)) in China has kept increasing during 20082012, with a CAGR of 20.95%, and the paraquat technical export reached the peak in March 2012. Through the report, readers can also find out reasons for the price and volume fluctuation, and identify the major paraquat suppliers in China.

With respect to the export destinations of paraquat, the report summarizes over 20 major export destinations of TK 42%, TK 45%, 200g/L AS, and 250g/L AS by volume, price, and value. According to the report, Indonesia was the largest export destination of Chinese paraquat technical by volume in 2012, followed by Thailand and Malaysia. The total export volume of paraquat technical to these three countries took up over 60% of the total export volume of paraquat technical in 2012. In addition, Chinese paraquat formulations were mainly exported to Nigeria, Thailand, Australia, Ghana and Vietnam, with the total volume to them accounts for over 70% of the total export volume of paraquat formulations

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