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Latest production situation of PF in China

Production and Market of Paraformaldehyde in China is CCM’s ninth edition market report related to China’s paraformaldehyde (PF) industry. Released in May 2013, the report features the following contents:

- Updated data about production and consumption of PF in China as of 2012
- New PF projects under construction or to be constructed in China, as of May 2013
- Import and export analysis from 2000 to Q1 2013
- Price dynamics of PF in China from 2006 to Q1 2013
- Production technology situation of PF in China
- Forecast on PF supply and demand in China, 2013–2017
- Introduction to the main PF producers in China

According to the report, China has 28 PF producers with total capacity of 453,000 t/a as of May 2013. After a stable growth from 2008 to 2011, both the production and demand of PF in China increased rapidly in 2012, and they tend to keep growing greatly in 2013. Through the report, readers can obtain an overview of the main PF producers in China, as well as the PFproduction situation during 2007–2013, including capacity and output of PF, geographical distribution of producers, production characteristics, PF prices, new dynamics of PF raw material (formaldehyde), production technology of PF, and R & D situation of PF, etc.

The growth rate of PF production has slowed down from 2009 to 2011, after a drastic growth from 2006 to 2008 thanks to the domestic flourishing glyphosate industry, one of the main downstream industries of PF In the glyphosate industry, PF is only applied in glycine route, which is currently facing intensifying competition from the other two routes, namely DEA route and IDAN route.

Currently, China’s glyphosate industry is also facing severe challenge from the environmental protection since the Chinese government has issued many regulations in relation to the use of glyphosate. Given the situation, CCM forecasts that the development trend of the glycine route in China will go down, which indirectly impacts the domestic PF industry. Moreover, the production and market situation of the other downstream industries of PF will also be reported.

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