Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Find Hot News in Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1307

Export volume of glyphosate technical increases 22.76% in May 2013
The export volume of glyphosate technical increases by 22.76% in May 2013.
Glyphosate technical price increases slightly in July 2013
Glyphosate technical price increases slightly in July 2013.
Overview of China's glyphosate industry in H1 2013
China's glyphosate industry witnessed strict supervision of environmental pollution in H1 2013, but the glyphosate market kept prosperous in H1 2013, and most glyphosate manufacturers in China were expected to achieve great operating performance in H1 2013.
Zhejiang Wynca involves in the trouble of "Environmental pollution case"
Zhejiang Wynca was involved in the trouble of "Environmental pollution case", and Hangzhou Rongsheng illegally treated the glyphosate wastewater from Jiande Chemical Plant (Zhejiang Wynca's subordinate plant) since Sept. 2012. However, Zhejiang Wynca claimed that it is in normal production and management at present, which seems not to be affected much by this case.
RMB appreciation brings negative impact on China's glyphosate industry development in H1 2013
The decreased USD exchange rate against RMB, or so-called RMB appreciation in H1 2013, has brought negative impact on China's glyphosate industry development and posed great pressure on Chinese glyphosate manufacturers in H1 2013.
EU revises the maximum residue limits for glyphosate in food
EU released a commission regulation (No 293/2013) on 5 April, 2013, revising the maximum residue limits of nine pesticides including glyphosate in food in the commission regulation (No 396/2005), and the No 293/2013 regulation has taken effect from the date of release.
Anhui Huaxing finishes leadership replacement
Anhui Huaxing finished the leadership replacement as of 21 June,2013, Sun Ye and Chen Bin were elected as the new chairman of the board and the new general manager of Anhui Huaxing respectively, while Anhui Huaxing's ex-actual controllers——Xie Ping and Qing Guangmei are neither the member of directors nor the senior managers of Anhui Huaxing.
Result of glyphosate use survey for 2012 rice planting in Hunan province
In order to establish the key market indicators for China's rice industry, CCM carried out a survey concerning rice planting in Hunan Province's Changde, Yueyang and Hengyang since Dec. 2012, showing that glyphosate is one of the most important herbicides for weeding in rice planting in these three districts in 2012.
China accomplishes 28 new glyphosate registrations in H1 2013
China accomplishes 28 new glyphosate products registrations in H1 2013. Among which 16 were the registrations of glyphosate ammonium salt, showing that glyphosate ammonium salt was still the most popular registered glyphosate product in H1 2013.
Australia terminates the resumed anti-dumping investigation on China's formulated glyphosate
Australia Customs and Border Protection Service released Notice No. 2013/51 on 24 June, 2013, showing that the China's glyphosate companies whose formulated glyphosate products exported to Australia were judged that they haven't dumped in Australia, and thus Australia terminated the anti-dumping investigation resumed on 16 Nov., 2012.

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