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Find Hot News in Seed China News 1306

Published on the 31th every month, Seed China News  is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of seed market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include market dynamic, company dynamic, raw material supply, price update, import & export analysis, consumption trend & competitiveness.

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Seed China News:
Whole genome sequencing of peanut declared completed
The project of the whole genome sequencing of peanut, launched by China's scientists, was officially declared completed on Jun 17, 2013. It is predicted that there will be huge changes in peanut in the future.
China's rice imports to hit a new high in 2013
China's rice imports will hit a new high in 2013 following the highest import volume in the previous year.
Seed treatment agents ushering in a sound development trend at home
China's seed treatment agents is ushering in excellent development momentum and there will be more abundant varieties of seed treatment agent products developed in future.
China's import volume of corn likely to see a slight increase in 2013
Owing to the great domestic demand and the delayed planting, the import volume of corn is expected to be on the increase, but unlikely to see an increase as significant as in 2012 when the import volume was three times of that in 2011.
Beidahuang Kenfeng: still uncertain about successful listing
The company applied for listing in the capital market at the end of 2012, full of confidence to win the approval of its IPO application. But the high threshold of the IPO is the incertitude factor.
Shandong Denghai to set up another corn seed subsidary
Shandong Denghai announced that it was going to set up a holding subsidiary called Denghai Huayu, in order to further enhance Shandong Denghai's market competitiveness by expanding its seed sales and enriching the variety resources.
Fruit cucumber: consumption and planting become prevalent
Driven by the growing demand and considerable planting benefits, fruit cucumber has showed an increase in planting area in China.
Jiangsu Mingtian setting up a subsidiary in northern Jiangsu
Jiangsu Mingtian is setting up a subsidiary in Sihong County, northern Jiangsu to expand the business scale and enhance the market share of open-pollinated rice and wheat varieties, by making use of the policy and resource advantages in northern Jiangsu.
The fourth Law Enforcement Year for Seed Market: thoroughly inspects seed stores in China
On May 7, 2013, Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China issued notice on thoroughly inspecting seed stores nationwide, aiming to solve the fake seed problem.
Tong Pingya: foreign varieties dominate corn planting in Guangxi
Corn as a main grain ration in Guangxi is widely cultivated throughout the region all the year round; foreign corn hybrids, like Zhengda series varieties and DK series varieties, dominate the corn planting in Guangxi.

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