Friday, July 26, 2013

Latest research on low-temperature soybean meal in China

Low-temperature soybean meal, also known as white flake, is the main raw material of soybean protein. With the development of global economy, green and healthy food is becoming increasingly well-accepted. Under the circumstance, soybean protein products have been enjoying a blooming development in the past few years.

Focusing on the latest situation of the low-temperature soybean meal industry in China, CCM has recently come out with a market report entitled “Research on Low-temperature Soybean Meal (White Flake) in China”. The report mainly consists of four parts, including introduction to raw material of low-temperature soybean meal, production and price information of soybean oil, production and price information of soybean meal, and production situation of top 10 low-temperature soybean meal manufacturers in China.

The soybean protein products made of non-GMO soybean are highly accepted by global consumers. China is one of the biggest countries planting non-GMO soybean. In the report, CCM gives readers an overall introduction to the production of non-GMO soybean. This part also features an analysis on the key factors influencing the soybean planting. Readers can also be well acquainted with the market price of soybean in China from January 2009 to May 2013. 

Information on the soybean oil dynamics is of your interest too. This part of findings help you get the most updated information on the output and export volume of soybean, as well as the historical market price of the first grade soybean oil in China through 2009-2012.

Besides, the report introduces the latest status of the soybean meal in China. Featured contents include the output dynamics and export volume of high-temperature soybean meal which is used as feed, and the production and price information on the low-temperature soybean meal (white flake). With respect to the low-temperature soybean, CCM reveals an overview of the white flake production in 2012 and gives a forecast on the output of the white flake in the following four years. 

Last but not least, top 10 low-temperature soybean meal manufacturers in China are profiled. The companies reported include Shandong Yuwang Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Wonderful Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Sinoglory Oil Co., Ltd., Gushen Biological Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Linyi Shansong Biological Products Co., Ltd., etc. In the report, CCM adopted various figures to reveal the company’s performance in terms of their supply ability of the white flake and their control ability of upstream. Through the report, you can know more information about these company’s production capacity, manufacturing cost, and dynamics, etc.

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