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Find Hot News in Crop Protection Monthly Report 1306

Published on the 15th & 31th every month, Crop Protection China News is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of Crop market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include companies' current dynamics and market situation, a close watch of government policies and regional dynamics.

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Crop Protection Monthly Report:
Credit sales' future in domestic pesticide industry
Even though the process of curing the negative effects credit sales brought to domestic pesticide industry is with great pain and effort, it is essential and worthy for every link in domestic pesticide industry to struggle for a better future together.
Differences of credit sales in China and developed countries
Actually, credit sales are very popular in most of the developed countries in Europe and America. It is calculated that the proportion of business conducted through credit sales accounts for over 75% of the total business in these areas.
Opinions that most practitioners hold towards credit sales
Opinions that most practitioners hold towards credit sales
Pesticide enterprises that insist on doing business by cash
Although credit sales are very common in domestic pesticide industry, there are still some pesticide enterprises which insist on doing business in cash, such as Perennial Green Group.
Typical measures taken to avoid or ease the loss caused by credit sales
As the prevalence of credit sales in the domestic pesticide market cannot be changed within a short period, many pesticide practitioners started to set some rules for credit sales in their business and control the credit sales value to some extent. Thus they can avoid or ease the loss caused by credit sales through the measures they take.
Negative effect and benefit of credit sales towards different practitioners in pesticide industry
Actually, although credit sales exert negative effects on practitioners in the domestic pesticide industry, they bring benefit to them as well and this is the main reason why most pesticide practitioners are still not willing to give up this kind of transaction mode even though they have suffered greatly from credit sales.
Development history of credit sales in domestic pesticide industry
China's pesticide industry has experienced more than 60 years' development since the production of HCH in the 1950's. Although the prosperity of domestic pesticide market began in the 1980's after China implemented the Reform and Opening-up Policy in 1978, the prevalence of credit sales actually started in the 1990's.
Credit sales in domestic pesticide industry
Credit sales have been prevailing in the domestic pesticide industry in the past decade. As the competition has grown fiercer, credit sales become much more popular nowadays.

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