Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yellow phosphorus to foresee increased risk of sales stalling

Most yellow phosphorus is used to make thermal-process phosphoric acid, which is then processed into various types of phosphate products.
Adding to already tough market conditions, in June the government of Guiyang announced plans to ban the production and sale of detergent with phosphorus, which will put further downward pressure on sales volumes of phosphoric acid and yellow phosphorus.

The yellow phosphorus market could see ongoing contraction in the face of intensifying competition from substitutes over the next several years. 
Most phosphoric acid producers say domestic sales of thermal-process phosphoric acid are quite weak. Hubei Xingfa and Jiangyin Chengxing both indicated that thermal-process phosphoric acid sales suffered in June 2013, and expect poor sales to continue. Some yellow phosphorus producers also attribute poor sales to competition from purified wet-process phosphoric acid.
Some phosphoric acid purchasers in Sichuan Province report purified wet-process phosphoric acid prices as much as USD32.47/t cheaper than thermal-process phosphoric acid—a significant price advantage.
In 2013, two purified wet-process phosphoric acid plants (one in Sichuan Province and another in Fujian Province) owned by Wengfu Group Co., Ltd. (Wengfu Group) maintained a stable production. These two plants have a total capacity of 250,000t/a for producing purified wet-process phosphoric acid. Some yellow phosphorus producers located in Sichuan Province complained that Wengfu Group's cheaper phosphoric acid is pulling down their sales.
And with ever-increasing attention on saving energy, Chinese phosphoric acid producers have been trying to reduce dependence on yellow phosphorus. Hubei Xingfa and Guizhou Kailin have both launched purified wet-process phosphoric acid projects.

Domestic consumption of yellow phosphorus has held steady at around 800,000 tonnes annually, but that volume could come under pressure from shrinking demand and intensifying competition from substitutes.
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