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Fu Yijiang: domestic TiO2 might meet price up in H2 2013

The General Manager Fu Yijiang of the Titanox Group expressed the same expectation with other domestic TiO2 prioducers and distributors that the price of domestic TiO2 might increase in H2 2013 during CCM's telephone interview with him. Titanos Group, founded in 1989, is the largest distribution channel and service provider of TiO2 in China and commands significant market recognition and market shares in the industry.
The price of TiO2 kept declining in the past H1 2013. According to CCM's price monitoring, the average price of rutile TiO2 declined from around USD2,800/t at the beginning of this year to around USD2,500/t in the middle of June 2013, and the average price of anatase TiO2 declined from around USD2,350/t at the beginning of this year to around USD2,100/t in the middle of June 2013. As a result, most of domestic TiO2 companies have reached a break-even point in H1 2013, while they enjoyed a large scale of profitability during 2011 to H1 2012.

According to Manager Fu, domestic TiO2 industry encountered the longest downside cycle in recent years. In Jan. 2013, domestic TiO2 price continued the downtrend begun in H2 2012. In Feb.–March 2013, due to the traditional dull season and the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, the domestic TiO2 price kept relatively stable, but the price kept decreasing after March 2013.

Mr. Fu deemed that the weakening demand from downstream caused the sluggish market of TiO2 industry. First of all, the biggest TiO2 application field—coating industry also witnessed slowing growth in output. During the first five months of 2013, 4,787,822 tonnes of coatings were produced in China totally, attaining a YoY growth of 5.39%, which is much lower than that of 10.70% in the same period in 2012. Most coatings producers shortened their purchasing interval and thus the inventory cycle time was cut down to one or two months from three months to avoid large-scale purchase and purchase TiO2 upon actual demand instead. Secondly, the export volume of TiO2 during Jan.–May 2013 was also disappointing. According to the monitoring data of CCM, China's TiO2 export volume in Jan.–May 2013 slided to 161,183 tonnes from 209,551 tonnes in the same period of 2011, seeing a YoY fall of 23.08%. On the contrary, the TiO2 import volume has kept increasing since Feb. 2013, which stroke the domestic market.

Although the coatings & ink industry might still be in the weak status, the domestic price of TiO2 is expected to increase in H2 2013 by domestic TiO2 producers and distributions. What's more, the consecutive price increase actions of international TiO2 giants will do favor to domestic TiO2 market.
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Editor's notes
Headlines of this issue
Industrial Information
Import volume of TiO2 was up 23.15% while export volume increased only 5.99% in May 2013
Total titanium feedstock supply volume fell 6.48% in May compared with that in April
The decline of the domestic TiO2 price slowed down with prices falling only slightly in July 2013
Company dynamics
Rockwood canceled the stripping of its TiO2 business
Fu Yijiang: domestic TiO2 might meet price up in H2 2013
*ST Jiyao predicted its H1 2013 net profit to be around USD6.80 million with a 
100% sales-output ratio
Pangang Titanium cuts costs by using 100% local titanium feedstock to smelt 
titanium slag
PPG achieved historical sales record in Q2 2013
Real estate: sales volumes and revenue both enjoyed high growth in H1 2013
10,782,200 automobiles sold in H1 2013 under concerns about restrictions on 
vehicle purchases

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