Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Find Hot News in Dairy Products China News 1307

Mengniu Launches UHT yoghurt
On 31 June, Mengniu launches a new UHT yoghurt, Chunzhen, at a new product conference in Wuxi.
Chinese Government Supports Milk Production
On 20 June, the Ministry of Agriculture highlights the Government's doubled investment in large-scale dairy farm projects, with a particular focus on infant formula producers.
Ningbo Dairy Responds to Products Incidents
On 13 June, Ningbo Dairy publicises its investment in a series of measures designed to respond to the food quality incidents which have affected its reputation. Ningbo Dairy Responds to Products Incidents
Yahua Dairy Sets Up JV
Recently Yahua Dairy announces its establishment of a new JV company in late May, a key move in the company's recovery strategy after several difficult years.
Bimbosan Introduces Super Premium Formula
On June 4, 2013, Bimbosan holds a new product conference in Beijing, announcing that its infant formula is formally launched in Chinese market.
Western Stock Raising Targets Infant Formula Market
On 10 June, Western Stock Raising announces the imminent launch of a new range of infant formula products.
Fengxing Dairy Expansion
In early June, Fengxing Dairy announces that it has expended its milk supply capabilities with the introduction of Holstein cows from New Zealand.
Mengniu + Yashili: The Start of China’s Dairy Industry Integration
On 18 June, Mengniu moves to acquire Yashili, a significant step in the anticipated further integration of China's dairy industry.
Further Government Focus on Infant Formula Standards
On 4 June, the MIIT releases an initiative to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic infant formula.
Mead Johnson Focus On Online Sales
Mead Johnson announces the launch of its official flagship store in Tmall in 18 June, showing its growing focus on e-commerce as a sales channel.
Dairy Industry Overview, January-April
The latest data on the local industry shows rising production of liquid products in particular in January-April, but also growing imports and further erosion of the minor export volumes being achieved.
Xinjiang Dairy Expansion Faces Challenges
Xinjiang's dairy industry has expanded consistently over recent years, but remains something of a footnote on the national picture, with the region's remoteness a profound barrier.

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