Tuesday, April 10, 2012

China’s L-arginine Industry Enjoys Rapid Development

From 2009 to now, L-arginine industry in China enjoys a rapid development, posting a CAGR exceeding 15% in output. In 2011, capacity of L-arginine increased to about 6,500t/a. Many production lines for L-arginine production adopting biological fermentation method have appeared along with the development of the technology, even though it's still no so advanced in China compared with that in developed countries. Its increasing popularity has become a trend in China's L-arginine production. In addition, L-arginine applied in injection production in China depends heavily on import because domestic producers' production technology can't cater for the demand. Then how is the development of production technology of L-arginine in China at present?                

The demand for L-arginine is rising in China year by year, with about 18% CAGR during 2006 and 2011. The product is used in medicine industry, health care industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, etc. Among these consumption fields, more than 60% L-arginine is consumed in the production of medicines and health care products. With people's living standard improving, more attention will be paid to health care. Then what will the consumption of L-arginine be shaped in different fields?                 

Since 2011, the price of L-arginine has been running high. What's the supply and demand of it in China? And what's the price trend with supply and demand changing? You may find all answers in CCM International’s latest report of Production and Market of L-Arginine in China, published in March, 2012.

To show the actual supply and demand of L-arginine in China and dig out investment opportunities, CCM International's report mainly focuses on the following aspects:
- Current production situation of L-arginine in China (capacity, output and key players)
- Supply of major raw materials of L-arginine in China
- Production technology of L-arginine in China
- Analysis of L-arginine price in China (2009-2012)
- Consumption pattern of L-arginine in China (2011)
- Drivers and barriers to L-arginine industry in China
- Forecast on the supply and demand of L-arginine in China (2012-2016)

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