Saturday, April 28, 2012

South America Crop Protection Monthly Report Comes Out

Since South America is one of the fastest growing area of crop protection market in the world, there is huge potential in this promising market. It is necessary to dig deeply about the South American market so that you can make wiser business investment in the fierce competition.

Recently, CCM International, a leading market research consulting company in China, has newly launched South America Crop Protection Monthly Report. Focusing the latest market trends, new technology development, and updated company dynamics etc. in South America crop protection market, this newsletter may help you seize hidden opportunities in the boosting market.

In this newsletter, you may learn:
-Latest South America crop protection monthly report, studying on Brazil, Argentina, etc. and focusing on pesticide, GM seed industries
-In-depth profiles of crop protection companies exploiting South America and international market
-Exclusive analysis on how new legislations and macro economy will influence South America’s crop protection market
-How requirements from distributors, farmers, diseases, pests, genetic modified organism, pesticide resistance, crop price and climate are influencing the South America market
-Advanced technology, new crop protection products and formulations that South America is pursuing
-Breaking news on joint ventures, foreign-owned enterprises and local companies
-Corporations, merges, and acquisitions between South America crop protection companies
-Market price dynamics, causal analysis and trend forecast
-New plants and line openings, closings, and expansions
-Up-to-date information on manufacturing challenges and industry standards about residue and toxicity in South America
-Analysis of the impact of new crop protection guidelines and legislations

It costs only USD 2,790 per year. If you subscribe now, you will enjoy more benefits:
-From 10th Apr. 2012 to 9th May. 2012, you can get one year with 6 extra free issues;
-From 10th May. 2012 to 9th Jun. 2012, you can get one year with 4 extra free issues;
-From 10th Jun. 2012 to 9th Jul. 2012, you can get one year with 2 extra free issues.

Sample is available. For more information, please feel free to contact us at

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