Saturday, April 28, 2012

Data Book Provides You Accurate Custom Data with Insightful Analysis

Are you looking for precise custom data with insightful analysis?
Is it hard for you to obtain the complete information of an industry?
Do you think the price of regular report is too expensive to afford?

Data Book, a brand-new product launched by CCM International in March 2012, can help you solve all these problems.

Based on data accompanied by comments, the data book allows you to understand more about an industry and its upstream and downstream products by describing it in different dimensions.

Featuring complete content structure and profound custom report content, the data book also enables you to learn the insightful analysis in the market with accurate data. It costs you less money than other regular reports. Most conveniently, online payment and e-check are acceptable.

Data book is perfectly designed for manufacturing enterprises, multinational corporations and their branches, trading companies, consulting analysts, universities, banks and investment institutions, as well as governments.

You might dig out 6 regular types of data in data book:
* Monthly Export Data - USD 1200 per year data
* Monthly Import Data - USD 1200 per year data
* Annual Production Data - USD 100 per year data
* Annual Producer Profiles - USD 1000 per year data
* Annual Consumption Data - USD 400 per year data
* Price Monitoring - USD 750 (Monthly update) / USD 1500 (Semi-monthly update) per year data

Following are some data book samples in different industries:
Agriculture Industry - Take Chinese data of pyridine, glyphosate, chlorpyrifos for example
Life Science & Health Care Industry - Take Chinese data of sorbitol & sucralose for example
Chemicals & Energies Industry - Take Chinese data of TiO2 & yellow phosphorus for example
If the above forms can't meet your needs, you can provide us the specific requirement and we will make order for you. Please feel free to contact us at

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