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Etoxazole, Spinetoram Enjoy Promising Market

In last issue, CCM International has introduced ten pesticides with formal registration approved in China in 2012 including three insecticides: etoxazole, spinetoram and diafenthiuron. A further introduction of the first two will be shown in this issue with CCM international’s in-depth investigation. As investigated, etoxazole and spinetoram would earn more and more market shares in the near future, according to CCM International’s April issue of Insecticides China News.
Guangdong Tianhe Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd. (Guangdong Tianhe, one of the largest pesticide agents in China) has been cooperating with Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. (Sumitomo) and Dow AroSciences LLC (DAS) to take charge of the sales of etoxazole's and spinetoram's formulations respectively in China. According to Manager Zhong from Sales Department of Guangdong Tianhe in charge of business in South China, both products are patented proprietary products, whose future development will be bright based on the regular pattern of pesticide development in China.

Etoxazole entered Chinese market in 2010, mainly used to combat red spider on citrus in southern China. Compared with spirodiclofen, its rival, the advantages of etoxazole are very obvious–It's available for low-temperature store and has a longer validity. Though at present etoxazole's price is higher than spirodiclofen's, using etoxazole is more effective in terms of cost of drug use because of its high efficacy and low usage.
Spinetoram just arrived in China in 2011. At present, spinetoram is mainly used for controlling pests like thrips. Being a new comer, it has many good qualities to be discovered. After continuous application, farmers will gradually come to know its advantages.           

Etoxazole, a new kind of acaricide with special structure, was developed by Sumitomo in 1994. It can be used to control tetranychus truncatus Ehara, mulberry mite and Panonychus citri (McGregor), etc. According to China’s State Intellectual Property Office, Sumitomo has obtained national invention patents for 93% etoxazole technical and 110g/L etoxazole SC in China in 2009.
Spinetoram, first initiated by DAS in Q1 2004, is a bio-insecticide with high efficacy, broad spectrum and low toxicity. In late 2007, DAS began the commercial production and sales of spinetoram in the US and a few other countries around the world.

Source: Insecticides China News 1204

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… …

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