Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is the Future of China’s Glyphosate Industry during 2012-2016?

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum, non-selective, post-emergence and systemic herbicide with high activity on virtually all annual and perennial plants. When applied in post emergence, it shows no pre-emergence or residual activity, while many other herbicides only kill the above ground parts of plants, which allows for re-emergence of new shoots from the underground storage organs.

Glyphosate has become the most widely used herbicide in the world, which accounts for over 30% of the global herbicide sales. Recently, with the fast expanding planting area of GM crops and the soaring demand for bio-energy, the demand for glyphosate has been increasing considerably, with the growth rate of approximately 10-15% each year.

In China, the demand for glyphosate has also been increasing obviously since the Chinese government issued regulations to ban the application of glyphosate soluble liquid with AI content lower than 30% from 2012.

What is the future of China’s glyphosate industry in the next five years? The 7th edition report Outlook for China Glyphosate Industry 2012-2016 by CCM International, which is expected to come out by the end of March 2012, will forecast the development trend of this industry. The new report will provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of China’s glyphosate industry and present the current production of glyphosate (technical, formulations) to all readers.

What’s more, readers can benefit the following parts from this report:
-Disclose market situation of raw materials and intermediates;
-Discuss the price fluctuation and the reasons;
-Analyze the import & export of glyphosate;
-Disclose current level of production technology;
-Find out what drives and restricts the development of glyphosate industry;
-Analyze the demand and use of glyphosate;
-Analyze competitive landscape of Chinese glyphosate industry;
-Predict the future of Chinese glyphosate industry.

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