Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boosting Crop Protection Market in South America

South America is the fastest growing area for pesticide consumption in the world. As one of the most important agricultural area in the world, South America increases its soybeans planting area. In 2011, the planting area of soybeans has been over 46 million hectares, which becomes the rigid support for huge pesticide demand. Its total pesticide market value is estimated at USD10.5 billion in 2011, up 30% year on year. At the same time, it has accounted for 22% of the total market value in the world.

South America’s key role in international pesticide industry has drawn more and more attention in the world, especially when South America crop protection market has entered a phase of rapid development and transform. This rapid development of crop protection market was aligned with the increase of main crops areas and their yields evolution, sugarcane and cotton high global demand and growing economies in the region. The evolution in crops production was also due to the implementation of new technologies as direct planting that needs more chemicals before planting, use of fertilizers and treated areas with chemicals to protect crops from diseases as Soybean Rust during last campaign in Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay or pests as MOR in Brazil & Argentina in order to optimize yields.

How to seize the potential opportunities in this boosting market? South America Crop Protection Monthly Report, newly published by CCM International might be your best choice. It can offer you the latest information of the South American market, including company dynamics, new policies, new market trends, new technology, International trade.

This newsletter is released on the 30th/31st every month. It can help you identify the new business opportunities in South America – where and when YOU should invest. Provided the latest market trends and new development of technology, you may find out where the South America crop protection market will go next and how your business can get involved. Keeping track of your competitor’s action, you can also gain vital business intelligence from outside of South America to get ahead of the competition.

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