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September Issue TiO2 China Monthly Report Released

CCM’s September issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report has been released on September 25, 2011, covering the latest news of China’s TiO2 industry.

China sees relatively stable economic growth under continuing high inflation. In August 2011, China's CPI decreased to 6.2% year on year, while PMI increased by 0.2% to 50.9. What will be the influence on China’s TiO2 industry?

Domestic TiO2 prices continue to decrease in September 2011, but the weak sales status changes little. The average price of rutile TiO2 drops to USD3,125/t (RMB20,000/t) by mid-September and may fall further later in this month. Will the price of TiO2 keep declining?

In order to promote the energy-saving and emission-reduction program, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China issued Clean Production Technology Promotion Scheme (the Scheme) for five industries (including TiO2 industry and coating industry) on 16 August 2011. What’s the challenges and opportunities under the scheme?

In the coating market, traditional wall insulation coatings lose market share significantly, while nano-coatings spring up, in line with the advocacy of environmental protection. Meanwhile, Jotun COSCO starts the construction of a new marine coating project to meet the growing demand in China. What is new in China’s coating market?

-China keeps up TiO2 international trade surplus
-Henan Billions profits from higher TiO2 price
-CNNC makes progress under new trusteeship
-PGVT sees increase in gross profit margin of titanium business
-China makes progress in TiO2 production equipment
-China's titanium feedstock import volume drops sharply in July
-Iluka mineral sands EBITDA triples in H1 2011
-Kenmare's revenue increases on higher prices
-Shandong Qifeng leads China's decorative paper industry
-AkzoNobel Shanghai exports TiO2 in 2011
-Oriental Yuhong to set up two waterproof material projects
-China's TiO2 demand from downstreams will increase steadily
-China's TiO2 price continues to decline in Sept. 2011
-Huntsman's TiO2 price increases largely in Asia Pacific
-Cristal announces TiO2 price increases
-China pursues clean production in TiO2 and coatings industry

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