Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Market Report of 10 Chinese Agrochemical Manufacturers Comes out

As the release of China Pesticide Industry Policy, the whole pesticide industry is expected to undergo great integration and reformation. Many companies will be restructured, bringing both opportunities and challenges to China’s pesticide market.

Many pesticide producers have strong comprehensive competitiveness in China’s industry and have distinguished competence in specific product /area with each other. CCM picks 10 companies for research. The second edition report of Company Profiles of Ten Chinese Agrochemical Manufacturers newly-released by CCM provides a profound analysis of key players in China’s pesticide industry.

The report focuses on ten pesticide manufacturers from many aspects including company basic information, financial performance, products portfolio, market share, new investment, marketing, sales, commercial activities, export, etc.

Through this report, you can:
-Gain an overview of development status of Chinese pesticide industry throughout the in-depth analysis of 10 key players in China’s pesticide
-Understand the history, supply of main products, macroeconomic of ten companies
-Know the market share of specific products of these key pesticide players
-Learn about product portfolio, market focus and future interests and of China’s 10 key pesticide players
-Obtain distinguished features of the 10 key pesticide manufactures, including their outstanding and core competence, main weakness, future growth points and challenges
-Understand the change in financial performance of the ten companies. For example, Zhejiang Wynca’s sales decreased from 1,061.86 million dollars in 2008 to 558.51 million dollars in 2009;
-Understand R&D level and new products in China. For example, Jiangsu Kwin’s IPP
-Identify the export situation of these companies. For example, Shandong Rainbow has seen 165 million dollars export business in 2010, accounted for 95.35% of its turnover

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(Guangzhou China, October 13, 2011)

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