Friday, October 28, 2011

Global Glyphosate Demand Expected to Keep Increasing

Glyphosate has witnessed stunningly fast development since 2007, boosting the development of its upstream products including DEA, glycine, IDAN, DMP, etc. With rapidly increasing demand, glyphosate has shared more than 30% of the global herbicide sales volume. In 2010, global glyphosate sales have reached USD3.95 billion, with consumption volume of 610,000 tonnes.

It is estimated that global glyphosate demand in next ten years will keep increasing, but the growth rate will be much lower than before. The global production of glyphosate technical will grow stably correspondingly, while the three production routes will still coexist and the production by route will not change much in the coming few years.

  -What is the future development trend of glyphosate supply and demand?
  -How about the current and future competition of the three glyphosate production routes?
  -What about the supply and demand of main raw materials of glyphosate globally?
  -Is glyphosate production going to transfer from China and the U.S. to other countries?
  -Whether Chinese glyphosate production will transfer from East China to West China?
  -What opportunities will arise from the future development of glyphosate industry?

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