Thursday, October 27, 2011

China’s TiO2 Price Continues to Slump in October 2011

October issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report was newly published by CCM. In this issue,  it is reported that TiO2 price slump continues in China's market in October 2011
However, China saw some improvements in its economy last month. The manufacturing PMI in China increased by 0.3% to 51.2 in Sept. 2011 compared with that in Aug 2011. In Q3 2011, China sees a 9.1% year-on-year increase in GDP, which is lower than the growth rates of 9.5% in Q2 and 9.7% in Q1 this year,  reflecting China's economic growth has slowed down.

Domestic TiO2 prices slump with the mainstream prices for rutile TiO2 falling to USD2,830/t by mid-Oct. 2011. China's TiO2 producers worry about the profit growth of TiO2 in Q4 2011, though many remain high growth in Q3 2011.

For more details about China’s TiO2 price slump and What's behind TiO2 prices decrease in China’s market, please pay attention to CCM’s TiO2 China Monthly Report, which will keep you update the latest news in China’s TiO2 market.

-China's TiO2 export volume continues to decline in Aug. 2011
-Henan Billions doubles net profit in Q3 2011
-CNNC Huayuan extends its maintenance period to mid-Oct.
-Annada gets high net profit growth in Q3, while worries about Q4
-Pangang Group overfufils production plan by Sept. 2011
-The Top 10 Chinese TiO2 Manufacturers come out
-China's titanium feedstock import situation in Aug. 2011
-Tronox to integrate mineral sands and TiO2 production
-Argex Mining advances TiO2 production with CTL's technology
-China's architectural coating output growth slows down
-China's ink company selected as global ink industry leader
-TiO2 price slump continues in Oct. China's market
-TiO2 price increase in North America in Q4 2011

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