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September Issue Sweeterner China News Comes Out

CCM published the latest issue of Sweeterner China News on September 5th , 2011, which covers the hot topics and dynamics of China's sweetener industry.

Some high intensity sweeteners developed well in H1 2011. For example, aspartame continued to enjoy promising development in H1 2011, which attracts some producers to expand their aspartame business. 290 tonnes of sucralose was exported in H1 2011, and the yearly growth rate was 110%.

Besides, some producers actively expand their capacity of starch sugar. For example, Global Sweeteners is expanding its corn starch capacity of 210,000t/a and Star Lake Bioscience plans to market its HFCS in October 2011.

However, the profit of some sweeteners decreased, such as erythritol, FOS and GOS. The main reason is the cost of raw material increased, which was hard to be transferred to downstream industries.

The sucrose price is believed to be the main reason behind the performance of sweetener market, just as showed in the article "Government Strengthens Adjusting Control of Sucrose Price".

All details of the above stories will be shared in CCM’s September issue of Sweeterner China News. For more information about it, please feel free to contact us at

More news content in CCM’s September issue of Sweeterner China News :
-Profit of erythritol decreases in H1 2011
-Aspartame industry develops well in H1 2011
-About 290 tonnes sucralose exported in H1 2011
-Overview of neotame in China
-Net profit of QHT falls nearly 50% in H1 2011
-Star Lake Bioscience to market HFCS in Oct. 2011
-Anhui Jinhe's acesulfame-K business may develop better in near future
-Jincheng starch puts its crystalline glucose production line into trial production
-Yongli Milk to build FOS production line
-Global Sweeteners expanding its corn starch capacity of 210,000t/a
-Ex-factory prices of Chinese sweeteners in August 2011
-Import & export analysis of Chinese saccharin in Jan.-July 2011
-Import & export analysis of Chinese sorbitol in Jan.-July 2011
-GLG to launch zero-calorie carbonated soft drinks in Aug. 2011
-Government strengthens adjusting control of sucrose price
-Bright Dairy buys 75% stake of Manassen Foods
-Corn may have bumper harvest in China in 2011
-CNRIFFI announces that research of stachyose gains success
-Conference of national beet industrial system held in Urumchi
-COFCO offers AUD120 million to purchase Proserpine Sugar
-Output of foods containing sugar increases much in July 2011
 (Guangzhou China, September 29, 2011)

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