Monday, October 24, 2011

Starch Industry Enjoys Fast Development in China

China is the second largest starch producer in the world. There are two kinds of starches, native starch and modified starch. Major varieties of native starch include corn starch, potato starch, cassava starch and wheat starch, while that of modified starch include corn modified starch, potato modified starch and cassava modified starch.

China's starch output has kept growing rapidly with CAGR of about 17.00% since 2001, which reached 17.10 million tonnes in 2008. It is predicted that China’s starch output will increase stably to 25.47 million tonnes in 2020. What is the position of Chinese starch industry in the world? Why do Chinese starch industry develop so fast? Which products will witness promising prospect in the future?
China is also the second largest native starch consumption country in the world, with total consumption value of USD6.10 billion in 2008, of which USD700.00 million was contributed by modified starch consumption. With various characteristics and functions, modified starch is widely applied in industries such as papermaking, food processing and textile in China. What is the consumption market in food processing, papermaking, beverages and other industries?

And China's starch price is mainly influenced by raw material price, supply & demand situation and technology innovation. How are such factors affecting China’s starch industry?

A report named Future of Starches in China published by CCM shows you a comprehensive understanding of China’s starch industry so that you may find answers of the above questions.

From this report, you can obtain the latest information on China’s and the world’s starch industry, thus obtaining business intelligence before involving in the competition and grasping commercial opportunities. Besides, you can also know your competitors and their activities in China. A clear picture for competitive landscape of China’s starch industry is provided. With the in-depth analysis on drivers and barriers of starch development, you may find out where China’s starch market will go next.

The report covers the following aspects:
- An overview for current market of corn starch, cassava starch, potato starch and wheat starch, as well as starch derivatives in China, with focus on statistics of capacity, output, import & export, supply & demand, major manufactures, future trend, etc.
- Outlook for starch raw material supply & demand
- Balance in starch industry, from raw materials to end use markets/products
- Competitiveness of Chinese starch and fermentation products in domestic and export markets, and impact of raw material supply on starch industry
- Foreign investment in China’s starch industry
- Future development trend of China’s starch industry

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