Thursday, October 13, 2011

Domestic Market of Triazole Fungicides Keeps Growing

CCM’s October Issue of Fungicides China News has been released recently. The market dynamic of triazole fungicides in China attracts people’s attention.

Triazole fungicides rank the first place by market value in all the categories of fungicides in China in 2010. Domestic consumption of triazole fungicides has increased by 10.5% in 2010 compared with that in previous years. It is estimated that China’s consumption of triazole fungicides will continue to grow in the future.

China's total capacity of triazole fungicides has exceeded 50,000t/a in 2010 with the capacity expansion and the launch of many new production lines in recent years. The total market value of triazole fungicides has grown to about USD409 million in 2010, up 7.1% and 31.5% respectively compared with that in 2009 and 2008. The top three triazole fungicides by market value were tebuconazole, propiconazole and triadimefon in 2010.

It is estimated that both the output and domestic consumption of triazole fungicides will continue to see stable growth in the next few years with the enhanced promotion and extended control spectrum. What's more, some new triazole fungicides like epoxiconazole, the second largest variety of triazole fungicides in the global pesticide market, are expected to witness high demand growth in China in the future.

More news in CCM’s October Issue of Fungicides China News:
-Jiangsu Huifeng's net profit in H1 2011 has plummeted by 12.72% year on year.
-Qianjiang Biochemical has made great achievements in its revenue and net profit in H1 2011.
-Huaxing Chemical has seriously suffered financial deficit of about USD3.16 million in H1 2011, but its fungicide business has witnessed surge.
-Shandong's pesticide industry has witnessed tortuous recovery in the first half of 2011.
-The demand for fungicides to control major diseases in the fields of cotton, vegetables, fruits and late rice is on the rise at home recently.
-Triazole fungicides have ranked the first place by market value in China in 2010, and the consumption will continue growing in the future.
-Prochloraz is unsuitable to be blindly expanded at present mainly due to the current large capacity, slow-growth export and many competitive products.
-Changqing Agrochemical aims to speed up the development of fungicides to further enrich its product mix and explore new profit growth points in the near future.
-China's fungicide export volume has increased by 22.0% year on year in the first seven months of 2011.
-China's export volume of ethephon technical has ranked the fourth place among the top 20 export pesticide technical in July 2011.
-Shanghai Nongle has been energetically promoting the phenazino-1-carboxylic acid 1% SC in the domestic main planting areas of vegetables, fruits and grains.
-The supply of cymoxanil technical is very tight at present and its ex-factory price has witnessed increase in early Oct. 2011.
-Though the ex-factory prices of most fungicides in the domestic market have witnessed decrease to some extent in early Oct. 2011, four fungicides break through the industrial price reduction.
-Late rice diseases and insect pests in the middle and late growth stages of late rice will occur seriously in Zhejiang Province.
-Potato late blight has occurred severely in Gansu Province since mid-Aug. 2011.

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