Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 10 TiO2 Manufacturers Emerge in Chinese TiO2 Market

CCM’s October issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report shows you top 10 Chinese TiO2 Manufacturers newly emerged.

A selection of "Top 10 Chinese TiO2 companies 2011" was successfully carried out on 9 Oct. 2011. Sichuan Lomon, Shandong Dongjia, Henan Billions and seven other companies were in the top 10 list.

Aiming to provide a better understanding of domestic TiO2 companies and more cost-effective TiO2 products for coating companies, China Coating Purchase Net (, a famous coating medium in China, hosted the event.

The result of the selection comes from three-month online poll and industrial survey on 37 candidates. It raises much attention among people because it is not only based on output and sales volume of each TiO2 company, but also on the popularity and cost performance of products, credit standing and development prospect of each company.

And it is a great opportunity for Chinese TiO2 producer to learn from each other’s advantage in the selection.

Headline news of October Issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report:
-China's TiO2 export volume continues to decline in Aug. 2011
-Henan Billions doubles net profit in Q3 2011, but lower profit growth expectation for full year 2011.
-CNNC Huayuan extends maintenance period for its 200# production line.
-Annada gets high net profit growth in Q3, while worries about Q4.
-Pangang Group does well in the production of TiO2 and titanium feedstock.
-Tronox integrates Exxaro's mineral sands to support its TiO2 production.
-Argex Mining advances toward TiO2 production with CTL's technology
-China's architectural coating output growth slows down this year.
-TiO2 price slump continues in Oct. China's market.

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