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First domestic company registers spirodiclofen technical

On 12 March, 2013, Shijiazhuang Xingbai Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. (Shijiazhuang Xingbai) secured the formal registration of 98% spirodiclofen technical (registration code: PD20130383) in China, the first registration of spirodiclofen technical acquired by a domestic enterprise, according to the ICAMA. With the new registration approved, Bayer CropScience AG (Bayer) is no longer the only registrant of spirodiclofen technical in China. It is believed that some other domestic companies will enter the spirodiclofen industry, acquiring more legal registrations of spirodiclofen technical and formulations, along with the approaching expiry date (1 Dec., 2013) of the spirodiclofen patent in China, according to Insecticides China News released by CCM in April.

Spirodiclofen, whose pesticidal mode of action is the inhibition of the lipid metabolism in pests and acarids, is one of the most effective acaricides to control citrus red spiders, at every level of its development from larva to adult. Since its introduction into China by Bayer in 2004, spirodiclofen has become the most popular products for controlling red spiders on citrus plantings in the domestic market, featuring environmental friendliness and long-lasting control effect.

As of 19 March, 2013, there were seven valid registrations of spirodiclofen in China, with five registrants. Of these, five registrations are for spirodiclofen formulations, mainly SC formulation. The only target of these five spirodiclofen formulation registrations is for the control of red spiders, with the application scale for crops including citrus, apple and cotton, according to the ICAMA.

With the legal technical registration, it is predicted that Shijiazhuang Xingbai will put spirodiclofen into production, although it has not revealed any details concerning its production project. Actually, there are three other domestic companies which intend to launch their production projects of spirodiclofen in the near future, as the patent of spirodiclofen in China obtained by Bayer will expire in Dec., 2013.

Lianyungang Niutaike Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Lianyungang Niutaike, a subsidiary controlled by Jiangsu Aolunda High-tech industry Co., Ltd.) plans to invest USD23.15 million in constructing a pesticide technology improvement project, aiming to construct pesticide production lines with a total capacity of 5,600t/a. The production project includes production lines of 500t/a spirodiclofen techincal and of 500t/a spirodiclofen formulations, according to the report released in Oct. 2012 by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Lianyugang City, Jiangshu Province. It is reported that Lianyungang Niutaike is on the process of applying for spirodiclofen technical registration and will launch the production in H2 2013.

Another enterprise willing to enter the spirodiclofen industry is Rudong Huasheng Chemical Co., Ltd. (Rudong Huasheng), whose application documents for its pesticide production expansion project was accepted in May 2012 by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Nantong City, Jiangshu Province. According to the application documents, Rudong Huasheng intends to produce spirodiclofen technical and 240g/L spirodiclofen SC, each with a capacity of 200t/a. But it didn't reveal the accurate time or other details concerning its production project.

Jiangsu Sword Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Sword) also wants to set foot in the spirodiclofen production. It has applied for environmental impact assessment for its several new pesticide production projects in Dec. 2012, including 100t/a spirodiclofen technical production.

There is no doubt, in the coming years, that new production projects and new registrations of spirodiclofen will draw  much attention in China. However, there are two obstacles to the development of spirodiclofen, namely counterfeits and intensified pest resistance. Due to the popular product recognition of spirodiclofen, counterfeits have been found in the domestic market in recent years, which will affect the legal market operation of spirodiclofen. Moreover, continuous use of counterfeits with very low content of spirodiclofen will increase pests' resistance to spirodiclofen. Therefore, mixture formulations with other insecticide ingredients will be developed in the future.

Shijiazhuang Xingbai, established in 2004, is a subsidiary of Hebei Xingbai Pharmaceutical Group. The main pesticide products of Shijiazhuang Xingbai include abamectin, ivermectin, emamectin benzoate, spinosad, etc. As one of the largest abamectin producers in China, its capacity for abamectin technical may have reached 600t/a in 2012.

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