Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CCM is to provide an evolutional service with more than 300 annual intelligence researches

An evolutional service with more than 300 annual intelligence researches of agriculture, chemicals and life science products is to be provided by CCM—a professional information provider specializing in market research and intelligence of agricultural, chemical, life science industries across China, Asia Pacific and the world.

Compared with the existing reports, these annual intelligence researches possess certain advantages. First of all, they analyze the industry dynamics basing on the information of the whole year, and can be considered as condensed packages containing the essential data. It is very convenient and economical for customers to get valuable information about products and market dynamics in relative industries. Besides, additional original data of affiliated products and content chunks are also provided by CCM. Moreover, CCM has improved the research methods and composition ways to achieve higher accessibility and readability.

The annual researches are typical statements of the latest dynamics and prospects in the agricultural, chemical and life science industries. They cover more than 300 product categories and the latest researches issued in March focus on approximately 20 varieties of products. They may benefit lots of industry leaders and generate an important impact on customers’ business and the development of the related industries.

CCM will also try its endeavors to meet your requirements by providing customized services. If the above products/industries can’t fully meet your demand, you can contact us to find what exactly we can do for you. Don’t miss the upcoming annual researches which can offer you valuable and sufficient market intelligence to meet your various needs. You may acquire more than you expect!

For more information about annual intelligence researches, please visit our website: www.cnchemicals.com or contact us by econtact@cnchemicals.com.

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