Wednesday, April 24, 2013

China: inspection of imported cotton meets new regulations

With regard to A-level overseas suppliers, sampling inspection of cotton should be carried out in the destination that the consignee declared for by local inspection and quarantine bureau of destination in accordance with the industrial standards enacted by the AQSIQ. As for B-level overseas suppliers, cotton should be inspected more strictly with twice as the sampling amount in the destination of the consignee declared for. For C-level overseas suppliers, cotton should be inspected the most strictly with twice as the sampling amount at the port of entry by the inspection and quarantine bureau of destination.

At present, inspection and quarantine bureaus in China are implementing the measure actively and recommend importers in China to try to choose A-level cotton suppliers, in order to effectively promote the trade of cotton import in China.

The news above was sourced from AgriChina News Alert, which had been issued by CCM in March.

Table Contents of AgriChina News Alert 1303:
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Liaherd Chemical expects a loss in Q1 2013
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Livestock & poultry industry
The U.S. pork importer shall provide clenbuterol inspection report
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Shennong Agricultural Group to establish a sow nucleus farm
Contract draft for egg futures issues with a threshold of USD796 at minimum
Shunxin Agriculture: 2012 sales up but net profit down
Tongwei’s pig feed factory put into production
China may issue program of pig purchasing and storage
Nongcheng Investment finances with equity pledge
2012 Guangdong Dahuanong sees a growth in both its revenue and profit
2012 Huaying Agricultural sees revenue up but profit down

Fishery industry
China to restructure oceanic administration
Shanghai Kaichuang' rise in tuna benefits with an increasing catch
China COSCO plans to sell COSCO Logistics
China suffers from countervailing duty investigation on shrimp in the U.S.
Guangdong Dahuanong to set up fishery bio-technology company

Food industry
China's new standard for pesticide residues in food takes effect
Hangzhou Wahaha to invest an overseas breeding base?
CNCRC purchases corn actively
Hunan Grain Group backdoor listing successfully
Beijing: online shops might be prohibited to sell food and milk powder in bulk
China to set up a general administration of food and drug
Wuliangye to adjust its sales strategies
China Grain and Logistics Corporation to be a subsidiary of COFCO
Domestic market price of edible ethanol decreases in the past five months
2012/2013 outlook of corn market in China
Biostime advance to seek milk sources overseas
Yurun Food' loss in 2012 blames its diversification?
Andre Juice: 2012 sales decreased by 7% for over-reliance on exports
Huiyuan Juice announces to expand its upstream business
Milk powder's price ups in New Zealand but remains stable in China

ADBC plans to issue USD78 billion of financial bonds in 2013
China's foreign trade up by 14.2% YoY in the first two months of 2013
MOA announces 38 measures:agricultural subsidies amount to USD31.85 billion in 2013
China: FDI up 6.32% in Feb. 2013

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