Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CCM launched online AgriChina News Alert which will be updated timely

It is well known that China is one of the largest agricultural countries in the world. Its annual output and consumption volume of agricultural products have been standing ahead among the world’s agricultural leaders. Do you want to know more wildly Chinese agriculture market information, learning more about the market trend, company dynamic, advanced technology, new policies & regulations? Where will the Chinese agriculture market go next and how your business can get involved in?

Chinese agriculture development situation and future development prediction have become a big concern globally. In order to seize market opportunities, CCM is committed to creating a professional information platform for manufacturers, importers, exporters, investors, institutions, academics and other insiders of the agricultural industry worldwide. AgriChina News Alert, the latest newsletter published by CCM presents you the update information about this market.

AgriChina News Alert will feature diverse news classified by industries, including crop planting, marine lives, live stocks, forestry, etc. The number of news issued online depends on the quantity of industry news reported that day. It is daily newsletter online issued by CCM starting from February 2013, and can also provide weekly or monthly report as per your request.

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