Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A reform of CCM’s Crop Protection China Newsletter

China is a large producer and consumer of crop protection products in the world. And crop protection research and development plays a great role for participants in the intense competition environment. CCM, a professional information provider specializing in market research and intelligence of agricultural, will carry out series of modifications on its newsletter program for providing more professional, comprehensive and insightful information on industrial intelligence, market dynamic, company dynamic, product information and trade analysis.

Crop Protection China, an important part of CCM’s news letter program, has provided lots of professional information and accurate data to leaders of various industries for a long time. Customers previously could get professional and insightful intelligence, market dynamic, industry development, government policies and more by going through the feature articles every half month. In order to offer more excellent articles and make it more convenient for readers to access, some modifications will be carried out.

First of all, this newsletter will be modified to a monthly publication issued on 30th or 31st and renamed to “Crop Protection China Monthly Report” since Feb. 2013. Besides, it also can be browsed online. It will focus on the most important or the latest occurrences or the hottest topics in China’s crop protection industry, and select one or two topics out of these news and information to compose an in-depth feature article in the modified edition. It will be very convenient for you to get the latest information and analysis via internet.

The following topics may be adopted in the feature articles: M & A; Relocation progress of industrial park; Circulation of territory; Governmental procurement, Consolidated prevention and management, Biopesticides, Analysis on china’s crops planting structure, New regulations for pesticides, Safety production of pesticides, Missible oil’s development, Research and development of pesticides, Transferable gene, Analysis on import and export of pesticides, Analysis on registration of pesticides, Pesticides for non-crops, Seeds treatment, Auxiliary chemicals, Marketing channels, Pesticides for rice, Pesticides for wheat, Pesticides for corn, Pesticides for minor crops.

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