Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dow AgroSciences’ overview for South America

The company has reported worldwide outstanding results for 2012, with an increase of 13% (vs 2011) for total sales (compared to 11% average for agricultural (AG) market) that includes seed sales with 27% growth (vs 14% average of AG market) plus crop protection sales showing 10% growth (vs 9% average of AG market). The EBITDA increase was 7%, according to CCM’s latest monthly report, Crop Protection South America Monthly Report issued in March.

A key player for this growth certainly was South America (the second largest worldwide market of sales, behind North America). In the tropical and subtropical climate of this region are grown soybeans, corn, sugarcane, wheat, fruits, vegetables, sunflower oil seed and rice and the company offers a variety of crops protection and seeds to achieve the maximum yields and health protection, as well as for livestock through pasture’s products.

A wide selection of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to meet customers' needs, as well as trait technologies such as HERCULEX® and POWERCORE™ in corn and WideStrike™ Insect Protection technology in cotton, is available.

The company is deploying the South American market strategy aimed to the following countries and main related products, as follows:

- Seeds (Hybrids and GMO) for corn, sunflower and sorghum.
- Herbicides for chemical fallow, 2-4 D products and glyphosate products (e.g Panzer Gold).
- Fungicides (e.g Planet X-tra for soybean diseases).
- Insecticides / Omega 9 oils / Pastures (weed’s control).

        - Herbicides, insecticides and pastures.
        - Sentricon: products for controlling termites eliminating the core of the colonies.
        - Lorsban chlorpyrifos based insecticide.

Bolivia and Paraguay: Products for pasture’s weed control.

Colombia: Herbicides, insecticides and pastures.

Chile: Natural insecticides for apple, pear and walnut trees.

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