Friday, April 26, 2013

Focusing on China’s Titanium Dioxide Opportunity

Having been specialized in market research in China for many years, CCM, a Chinese consulting company, has released series of market reports, newsletters and trade intelligences in relation to the TiO2 industry. Among which, the latest version of market report on China’s TiO2 industry was highlighted. The report focuses on the opportunities in China’s titanium dioxide industry, aiming to discover the most updated development situation of China’s TiO2 industry, and forecast the future opportunities in the whole industry after deep analyzing. 

“We hope to give some advices to the TiO2 industry players, manufacturers, suppliers, and those investors who are interested in the TiO2 industry. As China has become a net exporter of TiO2 since 2011, it has also become the biggest TiO2 producer and consumer worldwide, so we should realize that it is worth keeping an eye on the latest dynamic and future prospect of this industry. Through our report, you can obtain a comprehensive outlook on China’s TiO2 industry.” said Mr. Wu Zhonghui, the General Manager of CCM.

As introduced, the report is mainly comprised of three parts of contents, namely Method and Definition, Opportunities, Strategies. Some valuable findings in the report are highlighted, including TiO2 market situation in China, supply situation of titanium ore, the consumption cost of TiO2 and its price trend, the development situation of chloride process technology in China, as well as its potential markets.

In “Opportunities”, CCM will provide a detailed analysis on the emerging markets worldwide, the future demand for TiO2 and the future economy trend in the developing countries, the supply situation of titanium resources, production method and technology of TiO2, etc. Meanwhile, CCM will define the opportunities in this industry through insightful recommendations.    

In order to let people know more about the TiO2 industry in China, CCM will participate in the TiO2 Summit 2013 that is to be held in Barcelona on 2nd May. During the summit, CCM will introduce the opportunities in China’s TiO2 market. “We believe that this is a good chance for the TiO2 industry players and investors to obtain more understandings of the TiO2 market. At the same time, we are looking forward to exchanging views on the TiO2 industry with global professionals.” revealed Mr. Wu.

In addition, CCM will hold a webinar on 14th May, regarding The Opportunities in China’s Titanium Dioxide Industry, which will further offer insights on the TiO2 industry in China.  

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