Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Regulations on Pesticide Management to Be Released

Disclosed by Mrs. Wu Zhifeng, Deputy Director of the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA), during the 3th Environmentally Friendly Pesticide Formulation Processing Technology and Production Equipment Exchange Meeting held on 24-25 April, 2012, the new pesticide management policy, namely Regulations on Pesticide Management, is about to be released in the near future, based on CCM International’s latest issue of Crop Protection China News.

As the last revised version of Regulations on Pesticide Management carried out from 29 Nov., 2001 no longer keeps pace with the great development of domestic pesticide industry in recent years, Chinese government started to amend this version in 2010. After about two years' amendment, the new version of the policy is expected to be released in the second half of 2012.

Despite some large revisions which have been exposed to the public when the Legislative Affairs Office of China State Council released a draft for seeking opinions on Regulations on Pesticide Management on 21 July, 2011, some more new information about the coming policy has been disclosed by Mrs. Wu during the meeting this time.

According to Mrs. Wu, the coming new policy maintains the framework of management system in the existing policy which includes registration management, production permission, sales permission (on highly toxic pesticides) and standardization system. Aiming to further regulate domestic pesticide industry and ensure domestic food security, reversions are made based on the framework to further perfect the policy.

The former two large modifications made in 2011, namely cancelling the temporary registration of pesticides and setting up the license system of pesticide business, are now formally written into the new policy. Cancelling the temporary registration and further standardizing the process of pesticide registration are to further emphasize pesticide safety, the effectiveness evaluation of pesticides and higher investigation requirements. Setting up the license system of pesticide business aims at a better management of pesticide dealing, especially highly toxic ones.

The new policy will further strengthen the management after registration and carry out more new policies to restrict the use of some pesticides, e.g. stop approving the registration of chlorpyrifos and triazophos on vegetables and stop the registration of medical antibiotics as pesticides.

Even though lots of people are not optimistic on the implementation of the first pesticide recall system, it is still written in the new policy, mainly aiming at highly toxic or highly dangerous pesticides. Many pesticide enterprises in China believe that the implementation of the pesticide recall system will face lots of difficulties in reality because they can't control the behavior of pesticide dealers and the technology needed in the bio-safety disposal of those recalled pesticide is also a big problem for most pesticide enterprises. Plus, pesticide enterprises may go bankrupt if a large amount of expired pesticides are forced to be recalled.

Moreover, greater punishment is made in the coming new policy. Once production license is revoked, the supervisors and the directly responsible personnel of the company shall not be engaged in pesticide dealing within ten years and the government will not accept its pesticide registration application within five years. Production licenses can be revoked if labels seriously violate related regulations.
Source: Crop Protection China News 1210

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