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How to Identify Data and Seize Investment Opportunity in China?

A free seminar about “How to Identify Data and Seize Investment Opportunity in China” will be held from 16:30 to 18:00 pm on July 17th , 2012 (GMT-6, Chicago Time) by Investment Banking & Financial Market Association.

Zhonghui Wu, Managing Director of CCM International and keynote speaker of this seminar will share his unique perspective on how to make good use of data and how to capture investment opportunities in China.

It is well-known that the number of suppliers to provide data and information about China has kept growing quickly, as the world’s interest to know more about China that has become increasingly strong, since China decided to open to the world thirty years ago, and its spectacular growth and finally to an indispensible player in the world stage.

Among the huge number of data suppliers, it is increasingly difficult to find out what we need. Who are providing data about China? What information they are providing? Is the information they provide reliable? How to make good use of their data?

With China’s fast growth, opportunities have been abundant in China, but it doesn’t that everyone is invested in China. So, what are the real opportunities for investors? How to capture these opportunities?

All these questions will be discussed in this seminar. The seminar will be divided into two sections. Section 1 mainly discusses data and major data suppliers in China, while section 2 focuses on the investment opportunities. Come and grab this amazing opportunity to discover new potential opportunities for your business. You may register from here:
Or just click the “REGISTER” button from our website page. After registration, we will provide you with more information of this seminar, and email you PPT and one free market report worth $2,000 after seminar.

The following topics will be covered in this seminar:
Section 1 Data and Major Data Suppliers in China
1. Main data suppliers in China
- Who are they and what can they supply ?
- Comparison among the suppliers
- How about the quality of different data respectively
- How to identify the data
2. The third party research institutions in China
- Who are they and what about the research quality ?      
- Main categories of consultancy companies by industry
- Situation of data quoting in China
3. Data publication of listed companies in China
- What data will be released
- Data suppliers for listed companies
- How to look out these data

Section 2 Investment Opportunity
1. Investment opportunity in China
- Investment situation
- How about the situation of PE/VC and its risk in China,  and how to avoid?
- Distinguish investment opportunities
2. Investment opportunity in four major fields
- Data features for four major fields
- Where are the opportunities?
- How to catch them?
- Suggestions by CCM International

Zhonghui Wu is the founder and managing director of CCM International, founder and director of CCPS. Mr. Wu is an expert of Chinese market. He has been working closely with MNE clients since 1996. He has been invited to speak in numerous forums and summits. Mr. Wu’s knowledge and leadership have been respected by executives of world leading corporations such as Monsanto and BASF.

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