Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zirconium Demand Rising with Tight Supply

Zirconium sands from zirconium mines are widely used in production of various zirconium products, such as ZrSiO4, ZrOCI2, ZrO2. The consumption market of zirconium is huge. Ceramics, foundry applications, opacifiers, and refractories are the leading end uses for zironium products. Other end uses of zirconium products include abrasives, chemicals, metal alloys and welding rod coatings.

The demand of zirconium is greatly driven by the boosting consumption market, while its supply is tight. According to CCM International’s coming report Global Survey of Zirconium, total zirconium reserves are about 52 million tonnes in the world. Although zirconium is abundant in the world, it’s still short of supply since almost all the zirconium ores are associated ores, thus it’s difficult to be fully utilized.

Some substitutes of zirconium have been developed in recent years. For example, chromite and olivine can be used to replace zircon in some foundry applications. Spinel refractories can also substitute zircon in certain high-temperature applications.

Increasing number of investors pay attention to zirconium industry and more plans for zirconium mine exploration are under way in Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, etc.
Some policies have an influence on global zirconium industry. For instance, South Africa has promulgated series of mineral regulations to encourage foreign investors to explore mines. This industry is believed to have a bright future.

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